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"Thanks to new Multiplicom test kits physicians are able to identify all the genetic mutations of a condition at once, and use this information to initiate the right - personalized - treatment.”

Agilent Technologies completed its acquisition of Multiplicom

Dear Multiplicom Customer,

On January 20th, 2017, Agilent Technologies completed its acquisition of Multiplicom. As you are a valued Multiplicom customer, we want to take this opportunity to welcome you to Agilent and let you know that we are committed to your business. We look forward to continuing this important relationship.

To make the transition to Agilent as seamless as possible, please continue working with your current Multiplicom sales representative for all purchases and requests. It should be “business as usual” with no disruption to your workflow. As we begin to integrate Multiplicom into Agilent later this year, we will keep you informed of any of any changes that might affect you and any actions you may need to take at this time.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment as we work toward a successful future together.


For more information about Agilent, please visit us at



Herman Verrelst
Vice President and General Manager
Genomics Division
Diagnostics and Genomics Group
Agilent Technologies


Dirk Pollet
General Manager
Multiplicom N.V.


Agilent acquires Multiplicom



Q:  What was announced?

On January 20, 2017, Agilent Technologies completed the acquisition of Multiplicom N.V., an innovator and a leading provider of simple, efficient and reliable molecular diagnostics solutions to collect genetic information for personalized treatment.  With the completion of the acquisition, the Multiplicom team is now a part of the Genomics Division within Agilent’s Diagnostics & Genomics Group.


Q:  What changes should I expect?

Nothing at the moment.  Even though Multiplicom is now a part of Agilent, the two companies will continue to operate independently until processes get integrated later in the year.

Multiplicom customers should continue to work with your current Multiplicom sales and technical support representatives as you have been.

As we finalize our integration and Multiplicom sales processes into Agilent, we will advise you of any process changes that might affect you and let you know what actions you will need to take at that time.


Q. I am a Multiplicom customer with a question about a Multiplicom product. Can Agilent address my question?

No. Please continue to contact Multiplicom directly, using the contact info and phone number you have been using.


Q. Will Agilent honor my existing Multiplicom quotes and purchase orders?

There is no impact to your existing Multiplicom quotes, pricing, contracts, etc. Multiplicom is still doing business as Multiplicom; Agilent is not changing anything at this time.


Q. I ordered a product from Multiplicom prior to the completion of the acquisition. What happens to my order now?

There should be no change in your order. You will receive the product as usual from Multiplicom, and your payment will be made to Multiplicom.


Q. I am an Agilent customer who would also like to acquire a Multiplicom product. Can I order that directly from Agilent now?

Not yet. Please contact Multiplicom directly because Agilent and Multiplicom have not yet integrated their administrative sales processes.


Q. Can I leverage my discount between the two companies to buy products, services or consumables from either?

Multiplicom is now a part of Agilent, but they will continue to operate independently until the two companies’ administrative sales processes are fully integrated later this year. Therefore, we cannot quote Agilent and Multiplicom products on the same order, nor can we recognize existing discount agreements between Agilent and Multiplicom customers.


Q:  If I have additional questions, what should I do?

For more information, please contact




Q:  Can you tell me about Agilent?

Agilent is a leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. The company provides laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, consumables, applications and expertise, enabling customers to gain the insights they seek. Agilent’s expertise and trusted collaboration give their customers the highest confidence in their solutions.


Q:  What does Agilent focus on?

Agilent focuses its expertise on six key markets, where they help their customers achieve their goals. These areas are Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Food, Environment and Forensics, Chemical and Energy, and Research.


Q:  What does Agilent’s Diagnostics and Genomics Group do?

Agilent’s Diagnostics and Genomics Group (DGG) leads Agilent’s efforts through the research to clinical continuum in the fields of cancer and inherited diseases.  DGG comprises five Divisions: Genomics, Nucleic Acid Solutions, Pathology, Reagent Partnerships, and Companion Diagnostics. These Divisions collaborate to drive our strategy to fight cancer, improve the quality of life, enable new discoveries, and to form partnerships for novel therapeutics and diagnostics.