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"Thanks to new Multiplicom test kits physicians are able to identify all the genetic mutations of a condition at once, and use this information to initiate the right - personalized - treatment.”

Breast Cancer solutions for Next-Generation Sequencing during Tri-Con 2017

We were happy to receive so many people at our booth during the Molecular Med Tri-Con from 20-24 February 2017 in San Francisco. During the Tri-con, we introduced our Breast Cancer solutions for Next-Generation Sequencing and gave visitors a preview of our new MASTR Reporter. As the European market leader in BRCA testing, we build on our expertise to develop other NGS amplicon-based, molecular assays for oncology in order to find all mutations.

Our BRCA Hereditary Cancer MASTR Plus panel for example, is a molecular assay for the identification of all mutations and CNVs in the 26 selected genes associated with hereditary breast, ovarian and other related cancers. Testing familial predisposition to cancer often requires the analysis of multiple genes. In breast and ovarian cancer syndromes, mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are most common but causal mutations may also be found other genes (TP53, CDH1, PTEN, STK11 and others).

The panel consists of 6-high (including BRCA1BRCA2), 9-medium and 11-low penetrance genes according to appropriate patient populations with a high-risk assessment for the inherited targeted cancer syndromes. The BRCA HC MASTR Plus offers a complete solution for the detection of SNVs, indels and CNVs. Indeed, the CNV calling algorithm is optimized to reduce the need for further confirmatory test like MLPA.

For more information on our BRCA HC MASTR Plus solution, please contact your local representative.


The Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference

The Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference has become one of the world's leading international conferences over the course of the last 20 years. The Tri-Conference also provides the invaluable experience to network with a community of 3,500 attendees, that in itself that can help expand your business. For more information on this congress, click here