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"Thanks to new Multiplicom test kits physicians are able to identify all the genetic mutations of a condition at once, and use this information to initiate the right - personalized - treatment.”

Multiplicom's cardiogenetics at ELECTRA 2016

Multiplicom was present at the 12th edition of ELECTRA 2016 from 2-3 December in Marseille, France. More than 300 visitors joined this year’s congress to learn more and to share their knowledge on cardiology. During this interesting event, Violaine Mottier, PhD and Technical Product Manager at Multiplicom, talked on Saturday about cardiogenetics and if this can be a solution for diagnosing hereditary diseases.

Genetic tests are already well accepted to determine the predisposition of cancers. But they can also play an important role in enabling personalized treatment and in determining cardiovascular conditions. Cardiogenetic diseases such as arrhythmias, coronary syndromes and cardiomyopathies represent the most frequent causes of sudden cardiac death. Thanks to new sequencing techniques, genetic testing is on the rise in the field of cardiology.

Multiplicom has developed three RUO tests using Next-Generation Sequencing technology to screen for the three main causes of sudden cardiac death:

  • PED MASTR Plus: a molecular diagnostic assay for the detection of mutations in 51 genes associated with Primary Electrical Disorders by NGS.
  • HCM MASTR: a RUO assay for the identification of all mutations in the MYBPC3, MYH7, TNNI3, TNNT2, and MYL2 genes underlying Hypertrophic Cardiomopathy.
  • ADH MASTR v2: an assay for the identification of all SNVs and CNVs in LDLR, PCSK9, APOE, part of exon 26 (c.10200 to c.11100) of APOB and 12 SNPs underlying Autosomal Dominant Hypercholesterolemia.

These scalable, fast and easy-to-use tests provide laboratories with reliable molecular diagnostic solutions. Based upon the results of these tests, cardiologists can give personalized advice and adapted treatment to their patients.

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