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The genetic test kits are easy to use. They give clinical laboratories the opportunity to efficiently and comprehensively focus on personalized medicine. 


Multiplicom developed a tool for automated analysis of data generated with our Multiplex Amplicon Quantification (MAQ) assays: MAQ-S.

Customers have access to a free license of the MAQ-S software, which enables direct data import from DNA fragment analysers. After selection of the reference samples, MAQ-S calculates the dosage quotients (DQs) for all test and control amplicons enabling the quantification of Copy Number Variations.


  • Analysis of both MAQ and MLPA data
  • Fast and easy automated CNV analysis
  • Chromatogram data as well as calculated dosage quotients can be exported
  • Step-by-step help wizard included
  • Detailed user manual freely available

Technical details:

  • Executables for Windows and Linux platforms
  • Input: fsa files generated from DNA fragment analysers from ThermoFisher Scientific
  • Output: tab-delimited text files, html tables (with trace and dosage pictures)

Download MAQ-S software for Windows 

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