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We use proven technology with a high level of reliability. Our MASTR technology is unique because we are able to perform very complex genetic analyses easily, correctly and quickly.

Our Technology

Recent advances in various areas of clinical medicine, diagnostics and genetic testing have created a significant opportunity for the development of high value genetic tests to enable the practice of personalized medicine.

The availability of affordable Massively Parallel Sequencing systems provides the foundation on which PCR based technologies can be applied to address a wide range of unmet needs. 

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Multiplex PCR

Multiplex PCR is a molecular biology technique for the amplification of multiple genomic targets in a single PCR experiment.

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Multiplicom applies highly multiplexed PCR to develop assays that greatly enhance the overall efficiency and application of genetic testing that can be operated on standard instrumentation.

Multiplicom’s Multiplex PCR technology results in highly efficient, low-cost assays enabling a wide range of clinical and diagnostic applications.

Every assay benefits fully from the main advantages of multiplex-based PCR, compared to enrichment methods:


Added Values


Multiplex Amplification of Specific Targets for Resequencing (MASTR)

  • MASTR™ assays offer an innovative combination of premixed PCR primers in a ready-to-use kit, enabling enhanced target amplification for DNA-based diagnostics.
  • MASTR assays serve as front-end amplification for sequence analysis for all massively parallel sequencing (MPS) systems. The technology is based on “target amplification” rather than classic target enrichment.


Michils et al. (2012) Molecular Analysis of the Breast Cancer Genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 Using Amplicon-Based Massive Parallel Pyrosequencing. J Mol Diag, Volume 14, Issue 6, Pages 623-630

Moens et al. (2011) Sequencing of DISC1 pathway genes reveals increased burden of rare missense variants in schizophrenia patients from a northern Swedish population. PLoS ONE 6, e23450

Goossens et al. (2009) Simultaneous mutation and copy number variation (CNV) detection by multiplex PCR-based GS-FLX sequencing. Hum Mutat 30, 472–476


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 The MASTR assays consists of a simple 2-step PCR protocol:


Step 1: Multiplex PCR – enabling specific amplification of the regions of interest

Step 1


Step 2: Universal PCR – incorporation of molecular barcodes (multiplex identifiers [MIDs]) This second PCR step links each read to the sample it originated from.

Step 2



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CNV Confirmation with MAQ

The innovative MAQ assays enable fast and reliable confirmation of CNVs with little or no optimization. Multiplicom offers three solutions for CNV confirmation.

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From DNA to CNV confirmation in less than five hours. 

Specific target amplicons in the CNV region and control amplicons with a stable copy number are amplified in a single closed tube Multiplex PCR reaction. The fluorescently labelled MAQ PCR products enables analyze by capillary electrophoresis. The dosage coefficient (DQ) calculations are automated using the MAQ-S software, available from Multiplicom free of charge.